8 Ways to Beat Stubborn Body Fat With Walking

Do you know which is one of the best exercises for your body? It’s walking! Strange hey, my first thought always was that it would be something like jogging, HIIT training or something more strenuous for your body.

Walking is one of the best exercises out there simply because it has a gentle low impact on your body. And if you step your workout up a notch, brisk walking can provide the same health benefits as jogging.

The great thing about walking and why I recommend it to everyone who is beginning on their weight loss journey is because it is simple to perform and is gentle on your body. Plus because it is one of the simplest exercises out there it is easier to stick with and do long-term.

The hardest part of weight loss is just getting started that is why walking is such a great starting point. You can even make it a social event by inviting your friends and family and create bonding experiences while burning fat! That’s what is called a walking club and there are many of them that already exist.

1. Ease into walking. Let’s face not everyone is a seasoned fitness professional! So if you are just begging your weight loss journey, it’s a good idea just to start off slow and easy like doing just 1 lap around the block. Of course, as you become fitter over time you can always increase the intensity!

2. Wear the correct clothing. If walking is something you are going to do long-term make sure that you at least have proper walking/jogging shoes so that you can protect your joints. It’s also important to make sure you are comfortable during your walk, so dress appropriately for the weather.

3. Do a couple of pre-workout stretches. You don’t exactly have to do the same sort of warm-up exercise if you were going to do a session of HIIT but it is important to do at least 10 minutes of stretches before your walk! If you don’t have the time you can always start off with walking at a slower pace in the beginning.

4. Maintain your posture. Hold shoulders back and keep your head held high, after all, you don’t want to injure yourself because you have bad posture!

5. Regulate your intensity. You are probably walking too fast If you are out of breath and can’t carry a conversation. Slow it down so that you don’t burn yourself out!

6. Measure your progress. What we measure, improves. Just like you would measure your weight every day, record how far you have walked and how long did it take, then try better your own stats by a little bit every single day!

7. Have a little fun. Threes really no need to punish yourself, start a walking group with your friends and make your exercise a fun experience. You can even plan several routes for variety or even listening to your favourite music while walking!

8. Cool down. In order to prevent muscle stiffness the next day, try a couple of cool down stretches after your workout routine or even slow your pace at the end your route.

The most important part of any exercise program is to have consistency and sticking to your plan! Always stay flexible with your workout routines and you will have no problem with burning your stubborn body fat!

Losing weight can be a real ‘grind’ at times so keep things interesting by planning different routes and starting a walking group for that extra social support! And remember that starting is already half the battle, after that it is mostly downhill!

Justin has been a part of the weight loss industry for a number of years, first as a consumer and now as a teacher. In his own words, he says, “I used to be overweight until people started making rude comments and that is when decided that enough is enough, and lost the weight for good!” He has been at his goal weight for the last 10 years and has never looked back!

The Answer to Avoiding Breakfast

Do you know what is the most important meal of the day is? OK I know we have all heard that one before! But if breakfast really is the most important meal of the day why do so many people end up skipping on it?

After all, those who eat breakfast on a regular basis find that it is easier to concentrate throughout the day and tend to get more physical exercise, than those who don’t eat breakfast regularly. Plus studies have shown that eating breakfast will help with cholesterol and with weight management.

The thing with breakfast is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be big either, it can be as easy as grabbing a piece of fruit on the way out of the door! However, with our lives being as hectic as they are it is easy to find yourself in the habit of skipping breakfast! One important tip here is that even though you may be having breakfast regularly, it is still important to avoid cereals that are packed with sugar.

Here are 7 tips to forming a healthy breakfast habit:

1. Create a habit. If you aren’t into the habit of eating breakfast, start small with grabbing just 1 piece of fruit as you walk out of the door in the morning. And as you get used to that routine you can slowly start adding other healthy food types to your diet.

2. Curb your sweet tooth. Instead of having sugar loaded cereal, or worse yet a muffin, try whole wheat French toast topped with sliced apples or even banana. And if that is still too plain for your liking, you can always add a pinch of cinnamon or a few drops of vanilla extract!

3. Anticipate. Let’s face it life is hectic these days and not all of us have time for breakfast, let alone a healthy one! Try and prepare breakfast in advance or even place your smoothie blender out on the counter the night before along with your cereal bowls and spoons.

4. Get creative. You don’t have to fall into the trap of thinking that the only food available for breakfast is cereal. Try leftover vegetable pizza or a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread.

5. Breakfast on the go. The great thing about starting your breakfast routine with a piece of fruit is that you can always grab it out the door in the morning on the way to work!

6. Mix it up. Sometimes you just aren’t hungry first thing in the morning! In that case, grab a slice of whole grain toast or drink a glass of 100% fruit juice and have your breakfast as a mid-morning snack.

7. Gradually change. If you aren’t used to having breakfast in the morning, try having it just once a week and build your way up until you are having breakfast every morning.

Eating breakfast in the morning is important because it will prevent you from becoming hungry later in the day, which in turn, causes you to unnecessarily eat more than what you should have! Whether you like it or not breakfast plays an important role in the weight loss equation, which is why it is considered the most important meal of the day!

Justin has been a part of the weight loss industry for a number of years, first as a consumer and now as a teacher. In his own words, he says, “I used to be overweight until people started making rude comments and that is when decided that enough is enough, and lost the weight for good!” He has been at his goal weight for the last 10 years and has never looked back!

Simple Dieting Tips and Healthy Eating Plans – Chocolate Diet V Low Fat Chicken Recipes

Did you ever hear the likes, a “chocolate diet?” Brace yourself because you hear right. Chocolate acts as a vitamin replacement; if this is true then healthy benefits derived from this particular diet may not be so bad after all

The chocolate diet is just one of many fad diets which include you eating favorite foods. While consuming your specified amount of yummy allowance keep in mind it is supposed to control high blood pressure and prevent heart disease. Although encouraging reasons for using the diet, what of rotting teeth and the people who bang weight on if they as much look at a bar of chocolate.

The diet mainly consists of fluids. Powder or supplements are given to the dieter to mix with milk or water. Is this not cocoa as we all know it?

Chocolate contains anti-oxidants that help prevent arteries clogging. Does this not leave the dieter in a catch 22 situation after being advised to avoid sugary foods because of fattening issues? Weighing up the good and bad is it not healthier to carry a little excess weight to avoid pores clogging or having a heart attack. Chocolate prevents heart disease and obesity increases the risk of heart disease. Is obesity not the same as fat? I am confused.

Chocolate powder shakes are not for replacing or substituting meals, but designed as healthy snacks to stop a rumbling belly. Is this diet so bad when the sugar supply gives us that much needed energy boost?

The question is does the chocolate diet work.. It’s not clear that chocolate stimulates metabolism or helps the fat burning process. Beyond that, too much of anything can be bad. While chocolate does have health benefits, a diet with an emphasis in chocolate may not be the best way to lose weight. To shed pounds stick with a sensible eating plan.

Diet – Throughout the day you can munch two 40 gram bars of chocolate and drink sugar-free coffee with non-fat milk. Make eating exciting and appetizing, mix chocolate chips with strawberries in a glass bowl. Glass allows visibility of the delicious filling which guarantees lip licking. Slice a couple of bananas and drizzle melted dark chocolate over them. You have to take the chocolate diet for 5-7 days and no longer. After one course take a break for 3-4 days. The chocolate diet is a decreased calorie diet that centers on drinking liquid diet shakes to fill the gap. People use it as a replacement for food and if you consume less food this clearly indicate fewer calories.

I am not sure I agree this can be called a sensible diet when evidence proves different i.e. pounds piling on instead of dropping off and decaying teeth. Before dieting speak to your doctor or dietician

The sensible thing to do is ignore fad diets and embark on the sensible by following a sensible eating plan. Choose the wrong diet can be dangerous – seek expert advice. The best way to evaluate a diet is by the promises made. Overnight weight loss or miracle cures are promotional pledges you should snub.

Crash dieting is unhealthy. Weight loss is for more than just losing pounds. Exercise for skin and muscle tone is just as important. Exercise is necessary but it won’t replace a diet. A combination of both is ideally the key source to losing weight. Give yourself time to adjust and not to lose focus when you begin your first diet.

Consider a low-key diet that aims at healthy foods:

1 Choose an apple over a chocolate bar.

2 Cut out cordials and drink water.

3 Walk rather than use the car or bus.

4 Limit portion sizes of what you eat. It is easier than counting calories and carbohydrates.

5 Use a smaller plate to serve dinner on.

6 Replace sticky puddings for pieces of fruit

To lose weight, fewer calories have to be burned off than what you take in. Skipping meals and eating fewer calories can cause severe consequences; it can lead to binge scoffing later because of low energy and blood sugar levels. A sensible and healthy eating plan will include between 1200 and 1400 calories daily for women and 1500 to 1800 calories for men. Breakfast being the most important meal of the day is one you must not skip. Eat 4 to 5 times a day but in moderation.

Chicken breast is a good source of protein also low in fat. Two recipes below cooked in 15-30 minutes, low in fat, and under 400 calories a serving

Chicken & Vegetable Kebabs

4 Blocks of egg noodles
2 Skinless chicken breasts
1 Jar/195g yellow bean sauce
3 Button mushrooms
1 Medium courgette
½ yellow & red pepper
1 Olive oil
4 spring onions
1 red chilli
Wooden skewers


1. Fill large pot with water – bring to the boil and add noodles, return to the boil and simmer for 4 minutes.

2. Dice chicken breasts and place in a bowl. Add ¾ jar of yellow bean sauce and stir coating the chicken.

3. Preheat grill.

4. Prepare mushrooms into quarters; slice courgette. Slice peppers into squares. Size is up to you.

5. Skewer a mushroom followed by chicken, courgette, pepper and so on.

6. Place kebabs on the grill and cook for 10-15 minutes turning frequently.

7. Heat some oil to smoking point in a wok, add spring onions chilli and stir fry for 60 seconds. Add noodles and remaining sauce – stir to coat. Heat through.

8. Serve kebabs over noodles.

Chicken Pancakes


1 Tablespoon olive oil
3 Skinless chicken breasts
1 Jar hoi sin spring onion stir fry sauce
1 Bunch spring onions
1 Cucumber
8 Chinese pancakes


1. Slice spring onions lengthways into 3″strips. Cube cucumber and slice into thin batons.

2. Thinly cut chicken into strips.

3. Heat oil in wok till piping hot, add chicken and stir fry for 7- 8 minutes

4. Preheat Chinese pancakes as instructed on packet.

5. Add stir fry sauce to cooked chicken – coat and heat through.

6. Serve chicken spring onions and cucumber onto pancake – roll and serve

Enjoy stay slim and healthy

3 Healthy Cooking Tips Everyone Should Know

These days, we are inclined to take care of our health in many ways and healthy eating is one of them. This health consciousness has given rise to improved and often different cooking methods and recipes because food is not only a source of energy; it also is something that brings immense pleasure to all of us. Healthy cooking and healthy eating helps us stay away from health problems.

What is a healthy meal? It usually means one that fulfills our daily requirement of essential nutrients. A healthy meal can be prepared by healthy cooking methods like grilling, braising, microwaving, baking, or steaming. And also by using organic ingredients whenever you can. All supermarkets store organic food today, so availability should not be an issue.

Are you here because you have been searching for healthy cooking tips? Look no further. So read on for some majorly lip-smacking inspiration. And if you are a vegan, you will like my tips all the more!

Swap cashews for dairy in cream sauce

Making a tasty sauce with cashews is simple. Put some cashews and a little water in your blender and you have a smooth rich cream sauce so versatile that you can flavor it with just about anything.

If it’s savory that you like, use onions and garlic to jazz up the sauce. If you are looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, simply infuse it with agave and vanilla.

And as we all know, cashews are goodies loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats so good for us. They are also rich in magnesium and lower in fat compared to other nuts. So cashews promote healthy joints and bones. Now isn’t that a bonus, apart from tasty food?

While baking, sub in vinegar to slash calories

Have you ever thought of replacing eggs with vinegar while baking cakes? It sure sounds strange, but it’s a great choice. Your cakes will come out moist and fluffy because the vinegar will bind the cakes better than eggs. Vinegar can also control high blood sugar and insulin resistance as well as tone down appetite. And if you are worrying your cakes will taste vinegary, put those doubts to rest. You absolutely won’t be able to tell.

Here’s another superb baking hack. Replace the butter with an avocado. Just use a little more of the wet ingredients to balance everything out.

Dark chocolate is yummy!

If you are a chocoholic like me, you will be drooling by this time. For a snack, ever wondered that dark chocolate might be better for your health than sweet milk chocolate, or white chocolate? Yes, it’s true indeed. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and good for your heart. So the next time you feel like nibbling on milk chocolate candy, get some pure decadent and sinful dark chocolate. You will be delighted that you did.

In cooking, use dark chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate chips. If you want to make sure your dark chocolate is vegan, simply check the label to see if they contain whey or milk solids. You can even put some chips or a chunk of dark chocolate into your morning smoothie. It will give you a brilliant antioxidant boost in a delicious way!

Advantages Of Cloud Based IT Infrastructures


Cloud computing lets us compute with the help of the internet. Before, we used to download applications or software on our gadgets, and then use them, but now we get the same service directly from the internet. The easiest example is uploading a Facebook status – that is cloud computing. When you check your bank balance on your banking application, that too is cloud computing. Let us know the advantages of cloud based IT infrastructures, for knowing its most efficient usage.

Top Advantages Of Cloud Based IT Infrastructures:

1. Flexible:

If you have a growing or fluctuating business, this would be the ideal aid. When needs increase, it is smooth to scale up the cloud capacity. You simply need to draw into the remote servers of the services you need. Again, you can scale it down because it is flexible. This also makes CIOs and IT Directors think that operational agility is the driving force of cloud computing.

2. Saves Money:

After flexibility, saving costs in one of the advantages of cloud based IT infrastructures. Business, irrespective of their size, exists to make money and keep capital and operational expenditures low. If you don’t use cloud computing for your business, chances are that you are spending more than you need to. With lack of on-premises infrastructure you can reduce the operational expenses in indirect ways, like air conditioning, power, administration expenses, etc. You simply pay for what you have used and then disengage when you’re done. You don’t need to add IT capital for this. If you feel that only large businesses can afford cloud computing, then that’s a misconception. It is one of affordable alternatives to opt for!

3. Reliable:

Internet makes cloud computing a managed service platform, and way more reliable than in-house IT infrastructure. The services we choose usually opt for a ‘Service Level Agreement’, for assuring all time availability. This gives an opportunity to have IT resources at all times, and with minimal failover mechanism. Only if your server fails to connect the application or service, you might lose access. However, if you can shift into a new server, you can start all over.

4. Manageability:

With cloud computing, we have access to easy IT management services. These are maintained through the central administration of resources, SLA backed agreements and vendor managed infrastructures. The IT infrastructure keeps updating, and the service provider maintains the resources. It gives you access to using an application or software through the internet. Alternatively, you don’t have install and keep updating it. SLA provides guaranteed delivery, maintenance and management, and keeps our worries away!

5. Strategic Edge:

Computing resources help us stay at par or go above our competitors. The time you would have spent for IT procurement, reduces. You can deploy critical applications which provide business benefits without spending upfront and save time. With the advantages of cloud based IT infrastructures you can forget technical issues and only focus on main business objectives. With saving time and reducing software hassles, you are catered with quicker and safer IT usage.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9653505